Plymouth County Fair Auction & Wood Carvings

Sunday - July 31 @ 4:30 pm - Pioneer Village

Additional Auction Offerings

Plymouth County Pork Producers Grand Stand Grilling Event
Buyer will receive 250 items off the Grand Stand menu, on the date of their choice.

Le Mars Toy Store Toy Truck
A commutative fair toy truck. The 23rd edition of the Plymouth County Fair collectible truck recognizes groups and organizations who are part of the fair. The 2022 edition salutes American Bank, the Town and Country Toy Club and the Dreckman family. The driver’s side of the trailer features American Bank employees.

The passenger side of the trailer features the Town and Country Toy Club and the Dreckman family. The 2022 truck is the 23rd in a series of model trucks designed and produced by Albert Schulz, of the Le Mars Toy Store.
Each year Schulz takes the photos and coordinates the design and production. In all the years of producing the truck, no group has ever been duplicated. The collectible truck is a 1/64 scale die-cast Peterbilt 379 tractor and decorated trailer.

The limited edition trucks are numbered from 1 to 150 and labeled as 23rd in a series on the rear of the trailer.
The No. 1 and No. 2 trucks will be sold at the fair’s auction on Sunday, July 31, in Pioneer Village. Proceeds from the sale of those two trucks will go to the Plymouth County Fair.

Thank You to All Auction Supporters!
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